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Leadership & Development

Note: All leadership & development programs are ground activities.  No riding involved.  

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Is there anything harder than being an adolescent?

Young people have so many challenges to face during adolescence – physical changes, social challenges, school pressures and more. No wonder so many feel overwhelmed, misunderstood and frustrated.

We can help support youth in developing the resilience, confidence and self-esteem needed to thrive, rather than merely survive adolescence.


BeYou @ The Barn helps...

  • Strengthen leadership and communication skills

  • Build self-awareness and self-confidence

  • Learn to develop authentic, trust-based relationships

  • Help overcome barriers and embrace change

  • Build empathy, respect and compassion

  • Cultivate resilience and self-management skills

  • Recognize differences as strengths and embrace teamwork

Bring Your Family Closer Together by Working with Horses!

It seems we don’t have much time to spend with one another anymore. Between full-time jobs, part-time gigs, after school activities, family obligations, technology and homework-we barely even get a home cooked meal together!

This series is an opportunity for us to build what matters most: our families! You will learn how you can create more unity in your life through making healthy choices while having fun quality activity times with the ones who matter most. Your family will enjoy learning to connect and communicate with horses, understand their behavior, and navigate them through a series of obstacle courses.

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For Women...A Interactive personal development opportunity with horses!  (No experience necessary, No Riding involved)

Most of us can say that at one point or another we have experienced a loss in direction, purpose, self-doubt, low confidence, anxiety or depression as life provides plenty of ups and downs.  The problem is when we get stuck i those feelings and have a hard time moving forward.  

Real sustainable change comes when you find answers for yourself.  In this workshop you will partner with a horse to help you find your own answers for your own potential.  Horses are not capable of judgment and never lie, because the fact is, they just can't. 


Total Horsemanship


Horse Club

Do you have a horse loving kid that would love hands on opportunities learning with horses?  Join horse club!  A time set aside for everything horse! During our meetings we will learn all about horses in both a hands on and hands off approach, we will be active, craft, share experiences, meet new friends, have guest speakers, practice horse skills, hang-out with the horses, and just have fun! There may even be a little bit of riding possible (but not guaranteed).  

Currently Meeting:

Wednesday's 3:30-5pm 

Saturday's 2:30-4pm (FULL)

Age: 8+ (6/7 year old upon request)


Mounted Lessons

Learning Levels 

The Learning Levels curriculum has seven Levels, with a different color for each Level.  As riders progress they complete goals that show off their knowledge, hands-on skills, and riding skills.  Therefore earning ribbons as they go.  

For the welfare of the horses and the safety of the participant, the mounted learning level program is currently an application process. When space is available, applications will be posted for new riders to submit.   


While you wait join Horse Club for some hands on horse time!  

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