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Icelandic Horses

What if YOU, YOUR FAMILY, or YOUR CHILDREN could THRIVE instead of just survive?

Could a Horse be your Life Coach? 

"Be You...
Right now!"

There are many life skills you could practice, but the ones that matter the most are the skills YOU feel you need to make the most out of life. Practicing life skills and learning to make authentic connections with yourself, and with others is how we move forward and live a more fulfilling life.  


Consider these essential skills...


Are your communication skills up to par?

Do you build lasting relationship?

Do you practice leadership in your own life? At work? At school?

Is your body language effective enough to send clear messages?

Do you feel empowered and authentic

By practicing essential skills such as these, and many more, you will be able to function optimally in any environment.

Here at Alaska Hoofbeats you can step into an experiential, horse supported, experience to practice essential life skills such as these (and many more).  We believe it is a gift in life to be able to feel authentic, achieve wellness, make connections, thrive, and to have meaningful experiences.  

Step into the herd for this unique non-riding program and experience a different type of coaching and learning.  Feel empowered to be you! 

"A Different kind of Life Coach"

Summer Schedule
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Why does it work?

During a human to human, life coaching session it would include a skilled coach listening to you, asking questions, and giving honest feedback.  


During a horse to human teaching/coaching session you will find many of the same techniques.  Using two-way communication skills, we listen to what horses have to say.  It's guaranteed that a horse will give honest feedback based on stimulus received. A facilitator will then help you understand what the horse is saying, and you will find your own answers on specific skill objectives.  No where else can you connect with a teacher/coach who is incapable of judgment, holds you 100% accountable, and is sensitive to your needs.   Partnering with a horse is fun, different, and is powerful enough to spur the answer to individual change.

Why Does being a Prey Animal Matter? 

The number 1 reason why a horse is a special teacher/coach is because they are a prey animal.  Horses, or prey animal in general, have to be extremely sensitive, aware of their surroundings, and quick to react.  For mere survival a wild horse must be constantly on guard. 


Nature provides horses with instincts and senses that are very astute.  They watch for the slightest movement and look at body postures.  Horses discern the differences of energies present.  But they also respect the hierarchy and look for strong leadership.  Teamwork is accepted, respected, and expected. Through herd training, horses gain respect and trust for each other.  They really are the perfect partner to make parelles to bring immediate answers. 

WHY partner with a Horse?

​Horses are a prey animal, and because of their instinctive characteristics you can expect that every time you work with a horse they will...

  • Never judge you.

  • Be honest and give instant feedback.

  • Create bonding opportunities.

  • Engage 

  • Expect Leadership

  • and Interrupt comfort zones. 

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