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Learning Experiences
& Classes


Horse Club - WAITLIST

Who: For children 8-18 years old

When: Monday's 

Club Fee: $25/day paid by the month 

Animal Interactions: Hands on Horse Time, No Riding

We challenge our horse lovers to look beyond the saddle and give them an opportunity to become well-rounded equestrians.  At the forefront of all our programs is the animal's safety and wellbeing, as well as our own safety.


Being a part of Horse Club means that participants want to learn what it takes to actually be a horse owner.  All our meeting days include stall management and horsemanship. Or in other words we clean stalls, among other things, every time we meet!


A lot of children see horses in their future, and we want them to be successful future owners, riders, and maybe even employees.  All of these things take having a variety of horse knowledge. That is why Horse Club is primarily learning from the ground instead of on horseback.  There is so much more to learn than just riding.  


Our activities during Horse Club include both hands on activities with the horses and hands off activities like crafting, listening to guest speakers, exploring topics of tack, health, etc., and working on achieving goals and ribbons, based on the knowledge learned.  

Horse Friends

Who: For children 6-8 years old, (5 years old with permission)

When: Thursday's 3pm-4pm

Session Fee: $105 per 4-week session

Animal Interactions: Hands on horse time, No Riding

New in 2024 is our Horse "Friends" group for our younger horse lovers.  This time is a perfect introductory to the world of horses.  With both classroom time and barn time we put an emphasis on safety as we explore our horse's needs, such as basic care and grooming.  We will learn how our horses "talk" to us and how we successfully be around and share space with a large animal. This is an excellent step to build a relationship, build confidence, and let our younger horse lovers gain experience before moving on to our older horse club.  


MARCH 14th - APRIL 4th



Who: Toddlers and Kids ages 12 months-3 years old

When: Tuesdays 11:00-11:30

Session Fee: $84 per 4-week session

Animal Interactions: Age-Appropriate animal interactions. 


We welcome the young ones to our classroom as we introduce your tot to the "farm," during this time for toddlers and their grown-ups in a "mommy & me" type atmosphere.  Each session features a themed story time, music & movement activities, farm type sensory play, and age-appropriate animal interactions.  Come experience the power of reading, music, and animals WITH your child during this 30-minute class experience.  

NEXT SESSIONS- Both sessions are now full. Contact us to be put on the waitlist.

MARCH 26th - APRIL 16th

MAY 14th - JUNE 4th



Summer Riding Groups - WAITLIST

Who: Children & Youth ages 6-18  

When: Starting May 2024 by appointment

Session Fee: $75/ lesson ($65 for Club members) +tax


We challenge our young horse lovers to take all their skills they've learned so far on the ground and give them an opportunity to practice using them. Then continue the journey on-horseback with riding time! the forefront of all our programs is the animal's and riders' safety and wellbeing.  Each lesson includes stall management and animal care, along with riding time.    

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