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About Us

Welcome to Alaska Hoofbeats situated in the beautiful Tongass National Forest of Juneau, Alaska.  Hosted at Woodland Acres we are a local Juneau family partnering with our horses and other animals to give youth, women, and families an effective approach to personal development and learning that encourages individual and family growth, wellness & an increase of knowledge.  

Our programs have proven to be effective, positive, educational, creative, and often powerful. Step out of the box, into our herd, and experience a different kind of learning!



Savana (herd master, facilitator, instructor, and owner) has 25+ years' experience of equine and animal education, training, and facilitation.  With a passion for sharing animal experiences with others, it's a privilege to see how animals can help people. Savana is a certified equine & canine massage therapist, certified equine assisted learning facilitator, has a AAS degree in Equine Riding & Training Management, and numerous years working in the equine industry.  Besides working with animals and people, she loves being with her family and participating on their many adventures.  

Our horses have been a part of our barn family for many years now.  With the exception of our new all-star horse, Willow, who recently came from Skagway, Alaska.  All the horses have very different personalities and have their own unique stories (much like humans).


They are all very loved, well cared for, and a big part of our teaching team.  In fact, sometimes it's the horses that do ALL the teaching. 




Signed Waiver

Anyone participating, and/or staying with a participant is required to fill out and sign a liability release waiver prior to the start of the first session. Parents/guardians are responsible for signing for those under the age of 18.  Waivers are required by insurance, so no exceptions. 

Closed-Toe Shoes


Fiona is the heaviest horse in the barn weighing about 1200lbs but all the horses are going to feel really heavy if toes accidentally get stepped on.  To help protect toes and we do not allow anyone in the stalls or arena without closed toe shoes.

Outdoor Clothing


Dress for the weather (sometimes it rains) and wear clothing you don’t mind getting a little dusty/dirty. We spend time with the horses, and we almost always groom horses at every activity which guarantees dirt. Some programs we look at, pet, and are with other animals.  It's best to be prepared! 



Anyone under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet for safety and insurance purposes. For ground activities bring a helmet from home of any style.   For riding activities an approved and appropriate equestrian helmet is mandatory.  

Do you need horse experience to participate?



Whether you or any participant has been around horses or not, we take everyone through a safety and orientation.  This way everyone understands how horses are communicating to us or other horses when we are with them, and to make sure everyone understands our safety expectations at our barn.  

Do you offer Horse Therapy?

We DO NOT offer any type of therapy in our programs; we are NOT Mental Health professionals.  But that doesn't mean that our programs are not therapeutic in nature. Our certifications, education, and programs encourage growth and development in the present moment. Encouraging individuals to build the skills needed to move forward with life.  In our programs we will never focus on the past, nor do we ever diagnose or prescribe.  

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